Beyond Bike Parking


Other Considerations

Repair Stations and Pumps

Just like a gas station provides vehicle drivers with all of the amenities they might need, bike parking facilities can also include additional amenities designed to improve the utility of the facility and the experience of using it.


Cyclists have regular repair and maintenance needs that arise, and providing a repair stand equipped with tools and a pump can solve many of the most common ailments that might take a bicycle out of service (similar to the service areas provided at ski hills to allow minor repair and adjustment of skis and snowboards). Keep in mind that these tools and pump may be subject to heavy use, particularly if they are located in the public realm. It is important to purchase equipment that will be able to withstand use by many people. Ensuring tools are safely attached to the repair stand, freely articulating and non-rusting will make them useful and durable.


Personal Lockers

Providing personal lockers inside of a shared bike cage is a good way to protect users’ small valuable items like lights, helmets and bells, which can be easily removed with simple tools by thieves. It also provides an opportunity for commuters to keep a change of clothes, or store their wet gear for drying during the day.


Shower Facilities

The best bike parking facilities are typically co-located by a change room or showering facility. This is not always possible, such as in the case of providing the facility post construction. However, if the opportunity arises to co-locate bike parking and showering facilities during the planning and design phases, this should be pursued. A shower facility very nicely complements long-term bike parking and helps to create regular bicycle commuters.



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