Introducing the Urban Bike Parking Guide

May 07, 2014


Why aren’t all modes of transportation treated equally? If we provide X number of feet for vehicle parking or for the width of a sidewalk should we not also consider the amount of space that a cyclist needs to properly lock and secure their bicycle?


If you’re looking at a bicycle parking solution then the goal is not so much to buy a bike rack but to have a solution that allows bicyclists to park their bikes safely and securely. It may sound like a simple statement but we believe that time and money can be saved in the long run by recommending solutions that work from the start. Through our learning process over the last number of years we have recognized that many organizations want to support cyclists and will go so far as to purchase and install bike parking but sometime the results are not as they had hoped. Hence the Bike Parking Guide.


The goal of this document: To convert good intentions into positive outcomes.


The Bike Parking Guide covers some of the basics around short term and long term bicycle parking while answering questions around spacing and layout. Generally the idea was to provide a foundation of information that leads to the best possible bicycle parking solutions.


We recognize that these are some lofty goals but if you are going to dream then why not dream big?


You can find the new guide  here.


We welcome your feedback and questions.


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